Hello everyone.

This is my first ever blog, hope you like it.

What I’m setting out to do here is to give a picture of what it’s like to be a self-employed courier in the UK.

First of all, let’s clarify what sort of courier. I have heard of next day delivery drivers, who have an extra long wheel base Sprinter, or similar vehicle, described as couriers.

Typically, they might work for companies such as DPD, TNT, Yodel, or other such companies, and they would have their vehicles loaded up to the roof with 70 – 100 different drops. In my opinion these guys aren’t couriers, they are next day delivery drivers. I’m not knocking them, I’ve done it, and it’s bloody hard work.

I specialise in  sameday work. This is a whole different ball game to next day delivery. Typically I would only have the one collection and delivery, on an urgent sameday basis. I could be doing a local 5 mile journey or a run all the way up to Glasgow or Edingburgh, each of which is practically a 300 or 300 mile plus journey. And I could be carrying anything from a key, a letter, a moblie phone, or a 350 kg pallet.

I have a Renault Kangoo van, that I call William, William Waggon, to give him his full name. I am what some people would call a one man band, or just a man and a van. However, this is a little bit deceptive, as I sometimes sub out jobs that I get from my website.

Nevertheless, I remain a pretty small business. I am trying to expand, and towards that end I am attempting to raise the profile of my company.

I will have been in business for myself for two years in January 2016. And my only regret is that I didn’t do it twenty years earlier. Being self-employed, with all the pitfalls, beats the pants off working for someone else. It’s not for everyone, there are risks, and you don’t become a millionare over-night, and probably not ever, but I would now find it very hard indeed to work for someone else on standard PAYE, terms.

Anyway, what I shall try to do is to go through it step by step. Giving the ups and downs. And as I spent more than twenty years in the security industry before coming into this line of work, I will also impart some of the experiences that I had in that industry.

Here endeth my little intro. Next up is the story of how I took the plunge.




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