On some occasions, when making a successful sameday delivery, a young courier chap becomes some one’s hero, for a short lived space of time that is. This is just one such instance.

I picked up a sameday delivery job the other day from a well known parcel delivery company.

Unfortunately for their customer, this item had managed to bounce back and forth between a number of different depots, and had not been delivered, in fact it was now some days past it’s stated delivery date.

The customer, let’s call her Tracy, had made several increasingly urgent calls in order to locate her parcel and find out when it was going to be delivered.

That’s where I came in. I was given the parcel and tasked with a sameday delivery.

I called Tracy to let her know that I had her item on board, and would unite her with her parcel in approximately 3 hours, and would call her when I was half an hour away from delivery. Tracy was delighted and said that I could call her any time, not many women say that to me.

I called Tracy when I was half an hour from delivering. She proceeded to give me a long and complex list of directions, which only succeeded in confusing the hell out of me, so I told her that the sat nav would get me to her, but if I encountered any problems, I would call her. Tracy had now moved on some distance from being delighted and could barely contain herself.

I arrived outside Tracy’s door with her parcel on my shoulder, and rang the door bell. She opened the upstairs window, took one look at me, and declared in a sincere and booming voice “I love you.” She then ran all the way down-stairs to open the door to me, at which point I told her that I loved her too. Stars were glittering in her eyes and her smile reached the top of the world and back again. She reached out with both arms, and… snatched the parcel from off my shoulder.

Her cup ranneth over. She hugged her parcel close to her breast, and cast her love struck eyes upon me.   Not being one to miss an opportunity, I suggested that now that the formalities were out of the way that we should get married. At that point our relationship started to sour a little, and her dog appeared at the front door and immediately disapproved of me.

Notwithstanding that, I was invited in for a cup of tea. By the time I had finished the much welcome cuppa, doggy had decided that I wasn’t too bad after all and should now be welcomed into the bosom of the family. Unfortunately, Tracy’s ardour had by now considerably cooled, and I was politely wished a pleasant and safe return journey, and escorted to the door.

Hence ends my love on the road. But in spite of it all, I walk away with a smile, as customer and parcel are united in eternal bliss, and Edgbaston Express completes yet another successful mission.

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